Central Intelligence

Central Intelligence

By: Michaela Herman

For as long as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart have been actors, I have not liked them. I did not appreciate their comedy, I did not think they could act, nor did I think they chose good movies to portray themselves in.

However, my brother, his friend, and I went to the movies and they gave me two choices:                     1. See Central Intelligence with them, or 2. See a movie by myself. I chose the first, and boy, was I surprised; pleasantly.

The script was actually entertaining, although there was a bit of try-hard still in there, like any Kevin Hart or The Rock movie. The plot line kept me continually guessing, and the soundtrack played beautifully along with the film. All in all, it was truly a very successful movie! I would stand and applaud them, if they were actually here to see me. Good job, boys!maxresdefault-3

My favorite part of the Central Intelligence experience is that there was actually a meaning behind it: being nice really does get you further in life. For once, the most popular kid in school was also the nicest kid in school. There was just something about this movie that was different than most other ones. The film writers took a lot of stereotypes and turned them around completely, or just plain removed them entirely, for just a little while. While that sounds like it wouldn’t work, believe me, it did.

The movie is also great for a lot of different types of people. There’s a little bit of love story, comedy, action, and even a tad bit of digital and green screen usage.maxresdefault-2

I’ll leave you with this thought: if I can be transformed into a believer, chances are, so can you.  

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