DIY Summer Projects
DIY Summer Projects

By: Joanne Georges

Summer can be a season full of cookouts, camping/beach trips, adventure, and fun. Even better, summer can be a season full of mellow nights with cool breezes, quiet car rides, reading and TV watching, and long cat naps. But most importantly, summer is meant for trying new projects and having fun with the extra hours of sunshine. For me, this summer will focus on three awesome projects that bring out the best of summer days and nights.

Bullet Journaling
and I love journaling the best moments in my life and even making lists. With bullet journaling I can do all that and add wonderful designs and colors. Bullet journaling provides anyone with a notebook and few colored pens a chance to organize and highlight their tasks, schedules, ideas, and musings all in beautiful text, and practiced handwriting.

Bullet Journaling 2-2 Bullet Journaling 1 Bullet Journaling 3

Sensory Bottles
Everyone loves glitter when reflected in sunlight, even little kids. If you’re looking for a project to do with the young ones or even an idea to brighten up a room, try making sensory bottles. Usually filled with glue, water, glitter, and paint, sensory bottles are the perfect afternoon craft or accent piece to shine in the summer sun.

Sensory Bottles 1 Sensory Bottles 2 Sensory Bottles 3

Paper Folding
It may seem silly at first, but the relaxation that comes with paper folding is great. Starting out with easier shapes or even shapes that involve cutting and gluing create amazing crafts. In some cases, the flowers can be used as bows for presents, turned into elegant candle holders, or even lanterns!

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