Oneonta Entertainment



FYE in Oneonta is your destination for movies, music, and game, whether they are new or used. FYE’s music isn’t just limited to the latest CDs. We also carry vinyl records for the old school music lover in your life! Our video game selection isn’t limited either! We carry the latest and used games for all game consoles, including PC and desktop games. FYE is more than just an entertainment store; we are a haven for all kinds of fans! Our merchandise includes lamps, wallets, clothing, room décor, etc., and is made with our fans in mind! As our name states, we are here For Your Entertainment! Store located inside Southside Mall, next to Radio Shack.
GameStop Inc. sells the most popular new software, hardware and game accessories for the PC and next generation game console systems from Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft and Sega and is also the industry’s largest reseller of pre-played games. GameStop strives to provide our gamers with the best experience in both their real and gaming lives. Our customer service is designed to resolve any problems you may be having, and our services, such as pre-ordering, in-store pick up, and store transfer are all meant to make everything convenient for you when buying games in Oneonta. We also stock our stores with up to date accessories, new and used, and our sales associates are always around to help with questions, special orders, or anything else you may need. Store located outside Southside Mall, next to Bed Bath & Beyond.


Southside Mall Cinemas
The Southside Mall Cinemas is one of many branches of Zurich Cinemas, located in Oneonta NY.We feature 9 screens, all digital utilizing Sony Digital 4K, Dolby Digital Cinema, Real-D 3D, 5.1 Digital Sound, stadium seating & more! Get info on upcoming movies in Oneonta, current promotions, showtimes, buy tickets & play trivia for great prizes and giveaways on our Facebook page. For more information visit our parent website: Cinema located inside Southside Mall, next to TJ Maxx’s indoor entrance.