Falling For Bath & Body Works

Falling For Bath & Body Works

By: Michaela Herman


As sweet as summer is, I can’t deny that fall is well on its way, but Bath & Body Works is here to save the day! The new fall scents are so dreamy that I’ve almost forgotten about the freezing cold weather to come.

From Champagne Apple and Honey, to Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, it’s hard not to find something for everyone. For all of the coffee lovers, there’s also Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte, which is currently B&BW’s most popular scent, and for those who prefer a bit of a fresher scent, there’s Orchard Leaves and Blue Sky. Lastly, my personal favorite is Golden Pear and Brown Sugar.  But honestly, they are all heavenly. These scents are making the bittersweet end of summer much easier to handle.


The coolest part about this new scent line though? All of the scents are available in multiple forms, including: three wick candles, body lotions, mini candles, full sized and mini sized body creams, and fragrance mists.


However, if none of the above tickles your fancy, there are a few sales going on that might pertain to you! There is currently a buy three get three free body care products. There is also a four for $20 or a 6 for $24 hand soap sale. This same sale is going on for wallflower bulbs!

IMG_2619 IMG_2618

I also just want to take a few minutes to mention some of the other really cool products that you can purchase at Bath & Body Works. Since they never really get any press time, I’ve decided to give a public service announcement. There is a whole wall dedicated to herbal stress relief and sleep aids. They have multiple soothing scents in all kinds of forms: hand soaps, massage and bath oils, body lotions and creams, and even bath soaks. The collection is a little bit different than what B&BW is known for, and I just want to make sure that the public knows about the wide range of products sold there.  


Another not as widely known fact about B&BW is that they have their own Men’s collection, and it smells heavenly. Please check it out. B&BW isn’t just a ”girl’s” store. It is for individuals of all ages and kinds.


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