Finding Dory
Finding Dory

By: Michaela Herman

After having seen Finding Nemo 50+ times in my 22 years of life, not once did I truly figure out what Dory had forgotten! It’s bugged me ever since, maybe even as much as it bothered her. Of course there were always hints and clues, but nothing substantial enough for the detective in me to crack the code.flex_tablet_findingdory_againstthecurrent_8f36f96e

It took 13 years, but Disney/Pixar finally decided to give me another chance at figuring it out. Finally, I was going to get the whole story. They have no idea how thankful I am. Ultimately, I get to sleep peacefully at night.

The movie has an interesting mix of present scenes as well as flashbacks from Dory’s past. And I have to say, baby Dory is adorable. If you didn’t already love her, you do by the end of this movie. Plus, with a blend of old friends and new ones, it’s hard not to get hooked.maxresdefault

The hour and forty-five minute long movie is perfectly sad, happy, funny, grumpy, and full of heart-warming moments that will leave your heart in a puddle at your feet. It’s a roller coaster of an adventure that ends on a higher note than expected; honestly, you might shed some happy tears – I know I did. And as a bonus, you even get the scoop on how Dory learned to speak whale!

Long story short, as always, there’s a between the lines message for kids and parents alike: No matter what the roadblock is, or how high it may seem, there’s always another way. So, just keep swimming.finding-dory-official-trailer-2-870788

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