Hello Spring

Hello Spring

By: Aliana Opuni

Winter finally seems to be going away, and warmer weather is upon us. Spring generally means we can no longer throw on anything warm but instead we must put forth a little effort. However it can be hard trying to find and keep track of multiple new trends. Statement pieces are the perfect and simple way to add the right amount of effort and boldness to your look without going crazy over multiple trends.

Fringed Shoes

Fringe made a huge impact this spring. We’ve seen them long and short on blouses, vest, dresses and even bags. This fringe trend has trickled its way down to our feet. Whether its flats or heels, the fringe will add the perfect amount of sway with every step you take.

Fringed ShoesFringed Shoes 2

Oversized Earrings

Earrings are getting bigger and better! Put your minimalist earrings aside and try on some elaborate oversized earrings that will gracefully brush the surface your neck. Each pair of earrings can have anything from gems to feathers, making them a flashy yet fashionable statement piece.

Oversized Earrings 2 Oversized Earrings

Bright Bags

Spring is all about bright colors and bold statements, and handbags are great way to achieve just that. This spring get out of your comfort zone and try something new. A brightly colored hand bag, a bag with a detail handle, or a bag with funky patterns will give your look a sense of boldness and fun.

Bright Bag2 Bright Bags

Platform Sandals

 Step up your fashion with surprisingly comfy platform sandals. They made a great impact last summer and fortunately for us they have returned this spring. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to literally take your style to new heights

Platform Heels Platform Heels2

Body Chains

The concept of a chain wrapped around your torso is far from practical, however body chains have become a must have accessory. Ranging from chunky and heavy to dainty and light they give any outfit the right amount of kick.

Body Chains Body Chains2

Armed with these trends you’re ready to take on the spring and make a statement!

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