New year, New me
New year, New me

New years Resolutions

by: Maggie Barlow

January is the time for New Year Resolutions. Although it’s a common resolution to promise getting into shape but here at Southside mall you can find everything you need including a way to exercise and the tools you need to help you stick and stay with your resolution!

1.The easiest way to start getting in shape is to find a fun way to exercise and finding something to do that doesn’t feel like working out! We’re fortunate enough to have Harmony Martial Arts and Fitness in our mall! Martial arts is a fun and amazing away to get in shape and stay in shape! You can find details for pricing and class times on their Facebook page or stop in and see them!

2. Another form of exercise that can be done in the mall is mall walking. Mall walking is one of the best ways to stay warm during the snowy/ cold months and keep dry if it’s raining! Bring a friend and walk the mall for some exercise this year!
3. Keeping in shape isn’t just about the exercise but it is important if you are going to exercise more is to get the right kind of sneakers for working out! We are fortunate to have multiple stores that sell shoes like Shoe Dept, and Payless! The workers here know about shoes and what the best fit it and what’s going to be the most beneficial when it comes to working out!

4. A part of becoming healthier is making sure you take your vitamins and make sure you’re taking the right supplements to help you become healthier. GNC is located conveniently in the Southside Mall and the workers there are knowledgeable of all the vitamins and other things you might need! They are a good place to go check out when just starting to figure out what vitamins you might want to take!


5. Healthy eating is another important part of becoming healthier, although it seems tough you can find healthy options almost every place you go andeat or ways to makesomething that might not be the best for you a bit better! Applebees, Panera, Snack Shack, and Subway all have healthy choices to choose from and not to mention the food is delicious! If you want to go for something like Sweet Frog or Five Guys there’s ways to make those choices a bit healthier! If you’re craving a burger from five guys they have an option to get it without a bun if you want to cut down on carbs! There’s many options for healthy eating when you come to the mall!


Healthy living is a very common New Years Resolution but there’s no reason not to make this year the year you commit and stick with your goals no matter what your resolution was! Southside Mall would like to wish you a happy and safe 2018!

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