OOTD – Back To School!

OOTD – Back To School!

By: Michaela Herman

Every now and then I’ll be doing an outfit of the week. For this week’s theme, I’ll be choosing outfits that fit the back to school theme! I found the outfits on Pinterest, and all of the individual items online on Google Shopping or at their respective store website.


The first option I have is generally for boys and it’s pretty laid back. A pair of khakis thrown together with a collared t-shirt is a great way to look appropriate without putting in too much effort. Add a set of casual sneakers or boat shoes and you’re all set!


A quick spinoff of the first picture: a pastel colored striped shirt is another way to compliment a pair of cargo khakis. You can recreate this look easily by finding what you need at our local mall!

For example, find these awesome khaki pants at JCPenney, Also available at JCPenney is this gorgeous teal t-shirt!


As for the girls out there, we are a bit more complicated, but since I kept it simple with the guys, I decided to do my best for us girls too.


This simple outfit can account for the changes in Oneonta weather. The color scheme flows well with fall and is still a perfectly acceptable and appropriate school outfit. Below, I recreated this comfortable outfit using our local shops and stores!

Grab these boots while they’re available at TJMaxx!


This beautiful scarf is only $12.99 at Rue21, and keep your legs comfortable with these over-the-knee socks.


These trendy black leggings are available at TJMaxx! Also at TJMaxx, is this very classy, long sleeve jean shirt.


Hope you guys enjoy! Look out for more Outfits of The Week!

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