Silks and Treasures and Cash?

Silks and Treasures and Cash?

By: Michaela Herman

Now that there has finally been nicer weather, I’m sure most of us have gone through our spring-cleaning phase. I know I definitely have! In the past few weeks I’ve cleaned out my closet, the pantry and cupboards, the yard, and even my old receipts and paperwork, and I feel so much better. Although, at the end of the day, I didn’t feel like my home looked or felt any cleaner! It took a night of sleeping on it, and then I realized why: I had physically removed the clutter and the extras, though they had overtaken my home once again but in plastic bag form.
I had a couple bags of perfectly good clothing that I could pass on to someone else. But like most recently graduated college kids, I’m very much living from paycheck to paycheck. So, I had to be a bit more creative than most when forwarding on my no longer needed clothing. Therefore, I called and made an appointment at a lovely little place called Silks and Treasures Consignment Store. I decided to consign my clothes, or up-cycle as they like to call it.
Silks and Treasures owner Wendy Peeters personally went through each and every item that I brought in. At Silks and Treasures, they are very careful about the items they take in, as they believe in giving customers only the best in quality. Wendy and her staff have been helping people for 20 years in the Oneonta area, the past five having been located conveniently on Elm Street.
And thanks to Silks and Treasures, and especially Wendy, I left the store feeling much better. Mainly for two reasons: 1. Consignors get 50% of the sale price for each item, which I could use myself for in store purchases, and 2. More importantly, I have helped someone in my local area by allowing them to purchase my gently used clothing items instead of having to shell out two or sometimes even three times the amount of money for a similar, unused item at retail price.
This is Silks and Treasures first week (June 13, 2016) of taking in winter clothes, which are accepted from June-January. Summer clothes are accepted during months February-June. Silks and Treasures also prizes themselves for selling books, home décor items, and smaller pieces of furniture, so don’t feel limited on items to consign!

What are you waiting for? Go up-cycle and help out the locals in your community!

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