Spring Break Survival

Spring Break Survival
By: Maggie Barlow
Spring break season is starting and it’s time to think about what you need to bring, and what you need to do while you enjoy your spring break. Remember you don’t need to go anywhere special to enjoy your spring break.
     If you are going somewhere warm then it is important to remember sunscreen, your favorite pair of sunglasses and a bathing suit to take a dip in the pool or ocean when it gets too hot.  Two of my friends and me decided that we would go visit my aunt in Florida for a few days on our break, and I wanted to share what we found important to have with us to survive spring break. One, we decided that we needed to make sure we had our coffee because an early start to the day of travel requires it! The next thing we needed was our headphones and music source! You can’t have a travel day without music to block out crying children or the everyday noise and are perfect for relaxing in your choice spring break spot. We were lucky enough to be able to enjoy sun and sand so we decided that sunscreen was a must have so we didn’t get burnt on the first day of vacation because, as most people know, sunburn has a habit of ruining the remaining days of vacation. 
Of course, we needed Florida appropriate clothing so before we headed out on the trip we went to our Southside Mall in Oneonta to pick out some shorts and sunglasses for our trip. One of the things I think is a must no matter where you spend your vacation is getting up to see the sunrise. Although it wasn’t the best feeling getting up at 5:30 am it’s one of the best scenes in the world and if you have the time it’s a must. We also found it was good to have multiple board games with us because after spending all day doing things it’s always nice to relax with everyone and play a board game or two.
     One of the next things you need to survive and make the best of your time away from school is to have a good group of people surrounding you whether it’s your family, great friends or both like I was fortunate to have. It’s always better when you’re with your friends or family and there’s no better way to relax than with the ones you love. Along with this if I could give a piece of advice for this spring break I would say do things you wouldn’t normally do. Spring break should be a middle ground between relaxing and adventure.image1
     Spring break is best spent relaxing with people you care about and having the best time you can, without worrying about school or work too much. Hopefully, these small tips and ideas help you out with your current and future spring breaks and hopefully no matter where you end up on your spring break you have a fun filled and relaxing break all while staying safe and stress-free!

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