Store Spotlight – FYE
Store Spotlight – FYE

By: Michaela Herman

     For your entertainment! It is such a cool place with so many gadgets and knickknacks. And right now they have some pretty sweet deals going on. First, there are the t-shirts that are Buy One Get One Half Off. And once you’ve gotten your fill of those, there is also a deal for used DVDs, CDs, and Blu-ray: Buy Two Get 3rd for $1. These awesome deals could change anytime, so hurry down to make sure you get first pick!

     Now onto the real deal: the Revamp! I had the privilege of talking to our local FYE manager, Eric, and assistant manager, Tiernan. FYE has actually just totally changed the inventory of their store. And the biggest change? They removed their entire collection of video games. Shocked face! I know. All my life, that’s how I’ve known FYE: to be stocked full of video games. But Manager Eric said that with so much being and/or going digital now, it’s hard to get any video game attention. So the company decided to try a slightly different approach.13883698_10209510251249834_775897690_n

     Since the younger generation has shifted its interests to band t-shirts, other clothing accessories, and candy, they have shifted their inventory to mirror precisely those things. The store now has a lot of different kinds of candy in stock, and their t-shirt collection is one to be jealous of. But they aren’t focusing solely on t-shirts, either. They’ve also chosen to bring hats, scarves, and socks into the mix. It’s actually kind of hard to say no.

     I also had the privilege of talking to Eric and Tiernan on a bit more personal level. I asked both of them how they feel about being a part of Oneonta and its community. As it turns out Eric is actually from Mississippi and he is used to smaller populations rather than large, college-kid filled ones. He thinks the tourists are neat, but the college kids are weird. As an ex-college kid, Eric, I’m not even offended. We are a bit on the strange side.13875135_10209510251289835_1636464998_n

     When I asked Tiernan, he smiled and said that he enjoys the high turnover. Meeting new and different people all the time makes the job exciting, though he also appreciates the loyalty of his returning customers. Tiernan also mentioned that there are good bike trails in and around this area, which he approves of. Lastly, a few other things that the store would like to share:

They have some really cool Suicide Squad merchandise in stock.


They WILL be carrying the new Harry Potter book when it comes out, (and they carry copies of all the previous ones too).


-The store is also the only place you can buy the new WWE cereal, Booty O’s.

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Enjoy, all. Until next time

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