Store Spotlight – KAY Jewelers
Store Spotlight – KAY Jewelers

By: Michaela Herman

Okay, so, I may be a little bit partial, but Kay Jewelers is kind of a haven. Nothing is perfect, and I will never preach that, ever, but Kay’s was my first job out of college. It was my cannonball into “adult life”.

At Kay’s, we sell affordable jewelry for a wide variety of customers. This includes everything from gemstone rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces, to Star Wars charms and bracelets, gold earrings to diamond necklaces, and, my personal favorite, engagement rings and wedding bands. The bands represent an amazing moment in a couple’s life, and it’s an honor to be a part of that moment. It’s my absolute favorite part of the

We also offer to create custom designed jewelry for individuals who are not satisfied with our selection. We exist to live life and express love. And we are also proud to remind the general public that we are the sister store of Jared and Zales.

As far as special events, our latest event just kicked off: KISSmas in July. In short, every $300 you spend on clearance items, you earn $100. You redeem these rewards in the same way you earned them, $100 gets knocked off of the price for every $300 you spend. The rewards expire October 30, 2016.

We do have two huge events coming up, though. The first one is our LeVian event, happening on August 2, 2016. LeVian is most and best known for their chocolate diamonds and unique designs. On this day, LeVian associates will be bringing with them a whole collection of exclusive pieces, and they’ll be on display all day. Even cooler, each piece is one of only ten ever made.banner-le-vian-at-atlanta-west-jewelry

The other event is just as cool, but in a totally different way. Taking place on September 6, 2016 is our Dana Augustine Event. For this event, our friends at Dana come in with precious gemstones and diamonds, as well as mountings. The entire idea behind this event is that the customer chooses his or her own stone and the mounting, and the jeweler performs all the work that needs to be done right there in front of you. Do you know what that means? That means you get to take the piece home. THAT DAY. It’s an awesome event. I love it. And so should you.

I even had the chance to ask Victoria Ayala, our manager, some questions about being a part of the Oneonta community and a manager in the Southside Mall.FullSizeRender

“I love the Oneonta community. With the small locally owned businesses to the corporate entities; nobody can survive without each other. When I first moved down here in November everyone, from the mall staff to random guests we had in the store, was trying to help me find a permanent apartment. Even though I moved here with nothing and knew no one, they all helped me until I found a place to call home. Oneonta welcomed me with open arms, and I still get full support from the surrounding community. You can’t find another family oriented place like this. That definitely carries over to the Southside Mall atmosphere. Every employee in the mall depends on each other to get through slow and busy times of the year”.

We love to meet new customers, as well as see familiar faces, so please stop in if you happen to be wandering through the mall!

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