Summer Wedding In Paradise
Summer Wedding In Paradise

By: Michaela Herman

For whatever reason, I have always loved weddings. With the idea of having one for the sake of love, the gathering of friends and loved ones, and the whole celebration of togetherness, a wedding is just a dream come true. Awkward enough, I think I’ve only ever been to one wedding and one reception. But I spend enough time dreaming and gathering ideas for my own to last me a lifetime (Hope my boyfriend doesn’t read this . . .)! For all my ideas though, I have never been able to choose when my wedding will be. Granted, I believe that choice should be decided between the bride and groom-to-be. But since it’s summer, we’re going to dig a little deeper into the idea of having a summer wedding!

Some pros include the following:
Lighter, more comfortable attire
Outdoor ceremonies
Wider range of flower types and decorations
Variety in menus and catering
Comfortable weather after the sun goes down = creative ways to end the night

Summer also means that there is room to play with some really cool decorations. Below are a few of my favorites ideas, and their respective links!

1. Fairy Lights!


2. Outdoor Deco!


3. Wedding Altars!


And one of the coolest parts about having a summer wedding? There are a whole bunch of affordable venue ideas:
•Your own backyard
•The beach
•Local park
•Nearby woods or stream

The next major concern is what to wear to this summer wedding. I could go on for days about fashion (it’s one of my favorite topics), but here’s the gist: Keep it light and comfortable, but absolutely respect the dress code if there is one. Also, keep in mind the venue; if the wedding is to be at a beach, don’t wear something meant for hiking or the tundra. Since I don’t have all day, I’m supplying you with a link. Feel free to check it out! But remember, it only goes over the basics!

Wedding Fashions

Lastly is one of the shiniest parts of the wedding: the bands. At Kay Jewelers, there’s a wide collection to choose from. From the traditional plain gold bands, to diamond adorned tungsten carbide two-toned bands for him and shiny, shadow bands for her, that perfectly compliments her beautiful engagement ring.

252557006_MV_ZM 532609702_MV_ZM

I am throwing in a few examples, but remember that your best selection is going to be online at KAY Jewelers.

Happy planning!

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