Sweet Scents

Sweet Scents

By: Aliana Opuni

Spring is all about new beginnings and a fresh start. Just like buds transform to blossoms, many of our wardrobes transform as well, but why stop there? It’s the perfect opportunity to upgrade¬† your fragrances as well. Bath and Body Works recently debuted their new spring line, The Spring Market. The line features four new scents: Watermelon Lemonade, Raspberry & Sweet Mint, Lavender & Spring Apricot, and Gardenia & Fresh Rain. The scents not only come in fragrance mists but in candles, lotions, and shower gels as well.


This scent will transport you to a hot spring day, sitting on your porch eating a juicy slice of watermelon and drinking a cold glass of lemonade. It’s a refreshing mix of Lemonade, Watermelon and the unsuspected yet pleasant poppies. It’s fresh yet tart!



It’s an intoxicating blend of raspberry nectar, pink pomelo, and sweet mint. The Raspberry is the first initial smell you get, but give it some and the sweet and cool mint scent will tickle your senses leaving you delighted.



Lavender and apricot are two very distinct scents, but together they create an amazing fragrance. The softness from the lavender and the fruitiness from the apricot work work harmoniously, producing a beautiful scent. It’s a refreshing blend of lavender leaves, apricot and lady gale apples.

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If sitting in a garden during a spring shower could be bottled up, this is exactly what it would smell like! The longer you wear this scent the more it evolves into amazing new scents. Its starts off as fresh and light, then a bit tart, and finishes with sweet and floral. It’s a great blend of gardenia, spring rain & bergamot.

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These amazing scents will give you an extra spring in your step!

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