The Conjuring 2

The Conjuring 2

By: Michaela Herman

Most people don’t know it, but I love a good scary movie every now and then, as long as I am in the company and protection of my boyfriend. The thrill of the chase and figuring out how to conquer the evil demon; it’s all in good fun. Making sequels of that fun, though? No longer as good.

I loved The Conjuring. It was scary, things were constantly happening, people were thrown around a little bit, and I may have strained a muscle trying to cover my eyes at one point or another.

The Conjuring 2 had a good few moments that were quite freaky. Nonetheless, except for the British accents, the story line was essentially the same as the first time around: someone was always scared that they were going to die because of a demonized kid. Only this time the demon was a tad bit smarter and the movie a tad bit longer.

Thankfully, the movie wasn’t a complete waste of time. The soundtrack fit the scenes and heightened the mood. The acting was actually pretty good, especially the chemistry between Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga. Who would have thought there could be a successfully heartwarming love story mixed into a horror film?

All in all, I wouldn’t say the movie was bad. I just don’t think it quite reached my expectations. Then again, I wouldn’t really like to leave the theatre with tears of fright running down my face either. Let’s save those times for home, when I can keep the lights on.

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