Valentine’s Day/Galentine’s Day Gift Ideas
Valentine’s Day/Galentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day/Galentine’s Day Gift Ideas

by: Maggie Barlow

Valentine’s Day and Galentine’s Day is right around the corner. It’s time to start shopping for you perfect gift to get your significant other for Valentine’s Day or your best friend for Galentine’s Day! As always the Southside Mall has tons of gift ideas and deals going on to help make this holiday the best one yet!

  1. One of the most popular choices of gifts on Valentine’s Day is Jewelry. We have different places you can get jewelry from between Kay Jewelers, Claire’s, and Piercing Pagoda you are sure to find the perfect piece of jewelry. Although Jewelry seems strictly for a significant other, don’t be afraid to be different! Galentine’s day is about friendship get your friend those cute earrings or that chain necklace he’s been looking at!valentines-day-jewelry
  2. Seeing as we’re getting the most common gifts out of the way, let’s move on to chocolate! I know you’re thinking where can I get chocolate in the mall? Well there’s a couple places! When you walk in the Applebee’s entrance you’ll see Shades of Distinction, They have tons of selections of chocolate and candy selections! At places like JCPenney and TJMaxx you can look by the register and find some great candy deals to add to a present you might already be purchasing in these places! valentines-day-chocolate
  3. Pink and Red Everything! The two most prominent colors in the Valentine’s Day theme! I personally love picking color themes to my gifts. Aesthetically, it’s nice to have a one color theme, and all though you don’t have to stick with Pink or Red, those colors are the easiest to find this time of year! So for Valentine’s Day get Red Roses, Red Chocolate Box, Red envelope whatever you can find to tie it together! For Galentine’s Day I like to do color coordinated relaxation kits – I grab a little make up bag or purse type thing and then I go around and grab anything from Face Masks, Nail Polish, Bath Bombs, their favorite Candy and drink! All  of these are thoughtful gifts and can be found in multiple stores in the Southside Mall! color-theme-gift
  4. One gift that sometimes gets overlooked is Gift cards, although it’s nice to get a physical gift that people can hold onto Gift cards are sometimes great for those friends or significant others who are difficult to shop for. Whether it’s a Maurices, FYE, Gamestop, Dick’s Sporting Goods, stop by the mall and grab your special person and to make it a little more special, spend the day with them and go with them when they spend their gift card, and then a little extra bonus, add a meal of their choice! gift-card-photo

Shopping for the perfect Valentine’s gift shouldn’t be stressful or break the bank all the time, come on down to the Southside Mall and shop some amazing deals and experience great customer service! Hopefully these gift ideas help anyone looking for the a Galentine’s Day gift or Valentine’s Day gift! Whether you’re enjoying the day with your friends or your significant other, Southside Mall hopes you have a safe and enjoyable day!

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