Winter Survival Look
Winter Survival Look

Winter weather always seems to appear when you think you might have a chance of escaping it this year. Living in Oneonta we know this all too well! Here at the Southside Mall we are ready to help by picking out some of the essentials needed to survive this winter weather, all while looking stylish and ready for the day! This complete look was all styled at T.J. Maxx where we found the necessities at a very affordable price. One of the upsides of shopping for winter clothes in February is you find great deals because, although it might not seem it, winter is on it’s way out and Spring is on it’s way, so it’s the perfect time to find Winter looks that will last you throughout the rest of the season.
The first two items I picked out are essential to deal with this cold winter weather: a winter hat and scarf. The grey and white combo, with a splash of light blue, makes it the perfect colors to wear during the seasonal transitions, and will keep you warm during those bitter cold days. An exciting detail about these two items is that they are completely made of cashmere, which means extra warmth! This combo is priced at $48, which is on sale and a steal for two 100% cashmere items.
The next item which is a must have for winter is this lightweight coat, another item that can be transitioned into your spring wardrobe. This jacket is perfect because it is weather-proof, meaning you can wear it during these snowy days, and for the upcoming rainy days that are sure to happen this spring. This jacket is very reasonably priced at $39.99, a great price for something you’ll be wearing through multiple seasons.
Next let’s move on to my personal favorite part of the look, the shoes. These are simple black boots that you can rock not only in the snowy depths of Oneonta, but also with any look during the year. They’re simple, cute and bring a comfortable and casual look on the days that going into the cold seem unbearable. Plus they are priced at $24.99! There are two more pieces that complete this look and, although they don’t seem to scream winter, they bring casual and stylish to a meeting point. There’s a strong pull to just throw on a hoodie and sweatpants when it’s this cold out, but these two items give the same comfort level all while dressing up your look!

This cold shoulder navy blue top is one of the softest tops you’ll own, and gives a cute look to comfort, all while keeping you warm! It’s long sleeves and higher neckline gives it the winter look while still keeping it open to wearing it in any season! Similar to all the other products, it’s very reasonably priced at just $19.99!
Now the final part of this look is people’s favorite throw on item: Leggings. This particular pair is my favorite go to because you can dress them up as much as you want or keep them as casual! They have a very simple pinstripe design that makes them a stable item for anyone’s wardrobe! The best part of these leggings is that they are both comfortable and affordable, being currently priced at $5.99!
These past couple weeks have shown us that winter is still very much around, but a new outfit and accessories can add a positive moment to a cold dreary day. The best part is that you don’t have to travel far to find these looks with the Southside Mall being just around the corner! Come shop the stores and find your own personal winter survival look!

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